Willow Rain Native Plant Sanctuary


For over four decades Willow Rain Herbal Goods have been crafted in harmony with Nature. Wild native plants are gathered with Earth-honoring ethics at our Ozark Sanctuary...sustainably collected never over-harvested. Care is given to replant and reseed. Herbs are grown organically and in their natural ecological niche.  

I offer you my skills in herb crafting to tend your body, mind and spirit. I have walked the Ozark woodlands, ridge-tops and meadows for many seasons hunting the wisdom of the wild plants.  

Being a naturalist, I am intrigued by the mystical aspects of nature - the elements, indigenous plants, animal encounters and wild weather.  As I continue to learn about life, Nature’s ways seem more and more wise. Go to the trees, wildflowers and rivers as often as you can. The elements of Nature help nourish and heal us.

deep peace of the shining stars to you,

Pat Tuholske, wildcrafter and wreath weaver

Willow Rain Herbal Goods

in the Missouri Ozarks


"Watching gardeners label their plants, I vow with all beings to practice the old horticulture and let the plants identify me."  Robert Aitken


“My friend and teacher, Pat Tuholske, is a magic maker. She wildcrafts and weaves intentional wreaths. These beautiful gifts from the woods and fields are energy shifters to enhance your home. What a wonderful gift! Thank you, Pat!” ~~Chery

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photo... Pat and her Wild Wreath trunk show at Missouri Botanical Garden