Native Herbal Remedy


Native Herbal Remedy

(aka Essiac)

Native Herbal Remedy

1 cup dry herb blend  $25  

Blend contains burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark, turkey rhubarb root.  All ingredients are wildcrafted.

Tea Recipe and Tincture (aka extract) Instructions included.

  1. One cup of the dry blend:

  2. brews 11-12 16 oz. bottles Tea (one month supply taken twice daily)

  3. makes 16-20 oz. Tincture (six month supply taken four times daily)

Brew your Tea in the traditional recipe passed to Rene Caisse, a Canadian nurse, in 1920 by a Chippewa Indian medicine man.  Tea must be kept refrigerated.

Recipe for brewing Essiac Tea

Or make your Tincture.  Most economical and just as effective as tea.  Convenient for travel and situations where refrigeration is unavailable.

Instructions for making your own Essiac Tincture

I have been taking the tincture (aka extract) for over two years now and, in my personal experience, it works just as well as the tea.  And it’s much easier to make.  Just be sure to allow for the 4-6 weeks maceration time frame ... Pat

Field Journal - The Herbs of Essiac