Base Camp


Base Camp is the Barn, a magical “off the grid” structure built in 1904, lit by oil lamps and candles...a rustic, homey place with wood-burning cook stove and common area loft overlooking the valley. 

Prerequisite:  Prior visits to Earthcamp or referral from one who has experienced our off-the-grid campground.  These events are for those who have crossed the creek to our private sanctuary.

If you are staying at Base Camp, your gear will be shuttled in our truck if your vehicle won’t cross the creek. 

Each guest agrees to help in kitchen and gather firewood.  As we do the simple chores necessary to operate Base Camp, we are drawn together into an earth-honoring community.

Prerequisite:  Prior visits to Earthcamp or referred by camper who has experienced our off-the-grid campground.

Minimum: 4 

Camp Limit: 9

Pets, firearms, drugs and alcohol are prohibited.

Morgan, our enthusiastic labrador retriever, and Freya the barn cat will be at Base Camp.

SEVERE WEATHER POLICY:  In case of severe weather, 3 sets of 3 whistle blasts is the signal to come to the Barn to shelter or plan evacuation if flash flooding is forecast.  Please be mindful of suggested gear allowance for a safe and swift evacuation.


  1. Breakfast:  grain cereal

  2. Dinner:  hearty soup or entree

  3. Drinking water, coffee with cream, teas

  4. Full use of kitchen and supplies... eating and cooking utensils, plates, bowls, mugs, pots and pans, spices, oil, vinegar, variety of sweeteners, peanut butter, condiment packs

  5. Ice:  frozen half-gallon jug for your cooler

  6. Dry goods storage chest -- for your supplemental provisions

  7. Recycling bin

  8. First aid kit, insect repellent, biodegradable soap and shampoo

  9. Composting outhouse, solar camp shower, hammocks, picnic tables


  1. Lunch and simple supplemental provisions -- such as sandwich or wrap; tuna, jerky, franks, chicken salad, salami, turkey or hard-boiled egg; apple, orange, berries or banana; celery, avocado, carrot sticks or broccoli with dip; yogurt, cheese, crackers, protein bar or trail mix

  2. Small cooler with half-gallon ice jug 

  3. All personal items, towel, swimsuit, hiking boots, river shoes, flashlight, bedding, tent with rain fly and ground tarp (if camping)

  4. Cash or check ($50-$200) to cover operating costs, Base Camp set up, bunkhouse or tent site preparation, trail maintenance, supplies, food expense

  5. Please limit gear to the volume amount of 3-5 large duffle bags or tubs per adult.

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