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from Pat Tuholske...

My life is inspired by the Fianna, forest shamans of ancient Ireland, and the Deer Clan of the Cherokee who walked upon this land. 

They are spiritual ancestors traveling beside me awakening dreams and visions... heroic ancestors who have struggled courageously for the good in the world. 

“Truth in our hearts.  Strength in our hands.  Consistency in our tongues.” 

motto of the Fianna


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I have always been intrigued by the mystical aspects of Nature – the elements, indigenous plants, animal encounters and wild weather.  My life purpose is to help people reconnect with Nature, reclaim their sense of wholeness and home.  Awareness of native people’s philosophy and folk traditions has taught me the power of natural healing, deep observation of Nature, and the ancient way of the scout.

I have been a Missouri Ozark forest dweller working with herbal medicine and practicing shamanism for over five decades.  I am the crafter of Willow Rain Herbal Goods, providing remedies, wreaths and twig art made from the wild native plants of our Ozark mountain Sanctuary.  My wreaths are also available at Green Door Art Gallery in Webster Groves MO.

Our land has been an off-the-grid private campground known as Earthcamp since the late 80s.   Many seekers, wanderers and adventurers have crossed the creek to immerse in Nature, study shamanism and wild plants as well as practice survival skills.

In my late teens, I became a student of horticulture and plant medicine.  In 1983 I began studies in earth awareness with Sun Bear as a tribal apprentice and Nature Kinship with Dorothy Maclean of Findhorn.  Shamanic skills were cultivated with Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, Brant Secunda and Tom Cowan.  I am a member of the Society for Shamanic Practice and a perpetual student of plants; spirit allies; Celtic Gypsy ancestors; and my dogs, Morgan and Finn (now in spirit).

See my column, "Nature Wisdom", in  The Healthy Planet environmental and wellness magazine.   My professional writing career began in 2000 and I am honored to have become a published author.  

My dog Morgan and I volunteer our services to track the lost and missing.  I started search and rescue training in 1998 with NASAR and serve with SCSESA and ESAR.  Searching for the lost and missing is a privilege and I consider it a responsibility to bring the missing home and give families closure.

I am a thirteen-year survivor of ovarian cancer and attribute my recovery to forest shamanism, native plants, nutrition, gifted healers and the loving support of family and friends.  Since 2012 I have been challenged by West Nile Virus passed to me from a tiny mosquito.  I have had to simplify my life and make changes in my career.  See my Field Journal’s  Shadow of the Bird and The Wisdom of Stillness.

may the stars watch over you ..... Pat