The Land


Our Sanctuary is a 450 acre ecological niche at the edge of the ghost town of Keysville in the Missouri Ozarks.  It is an off-the-grid wild remote place with deep forests, rippling waters, big sky and flowering meadows.  Pristine earth with deer herds, coyote packs and soaring raptors, this land has been a gathering place over the centuries.

Petroforms built by early people align to the winter solstice sunrise.  Tribal leaders traveled from afar to hold council.  Mounds were built in the valley for ceremony and to honor the dead.  Early Scots-Irish pioneers put down roots and worked together in spiritual settlement.  The Cherokee suffering upon the Trail of Tears were aided by these settlers and escapees were absorbed into the community.  Many a soul has been sheltered by the trees and boulders of these hills and hollows.

The veil is thin here and a deep spiritual presence is felt by those who walk this land.  It may have started with the crypto explosion - a unique geological structure of debated origins.  The Crooked Creek Structure is the sight of unusual geological formations studied by scientists and curious phenomena witnessed by shamans and seekers. 

Base Camp is the Bunkhouse, a charming new addition for your comfort, and the Barn, a magical structure built in 1904 with a common area loft overlooking the valley forest.  Many who visit experience peace and deep healing.

deep peace of the quiet earth,

Pat Tuholske, your nature guide

32nd season

“Along the borders of this world lie others. There are places you can cross.

This is one such place."  Once Upon a River

photo credit:  Donna Witteried



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